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Telephone : 0747239952

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Driving Lesson Price : $65.00

My Car : Hyundai i30 Manual / Auto

About Alf's Driving School

Established mid 1970's. We pride ourselves on giving good value for money lessons ending in high pass rates. Our study kit has been the best source of help to our students. We have modern airconditioned cars (rated ANCAP 5star)giving you a safer haven to do your learning in. Our instructors are fully accredited Cert IV professionals.

Driving Lessons and Extras

Apart from the standard charge of $65/hr incl GST, we also have packages when paid up front offer discounts of between 5-12.5%. . 3 lesson pkg = 185.00. 4 lesson pkg = 240.00. 5 lesson pkg = 295.00. 10 lesson pkg= 570.00. . night lessons by appointment only.

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