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Telephone : 0894682065

Website : www.westperthdrivingschool.com.au

Driving Lesson Price : $45.00

My Car : Hyundai i20

About West Perth Driving School

West Perth Driving School delivers excellent driving lessons to all Western Suburbs and City West learner drivers and all students on the West Coast.. . Whether you are learning to drive an automatic or manual car, we have got you covered. Our friendly male and female instructors are ready to teach you how to drive. We will have you confident behind the wheel in no time at all.. . Your Driving Lesson. We can pick you up for your driving lesson from any school in the area, including all those along Stirling Highway, Hale School, St Mary's, Shenton College, you name it! After your lesson we will take you to wherever you need to be, training, music lessons, home, etc.. . Money Back Guarantee. Look no further. If you're not happy with your very first driving lesson, we will immediately give you your money back!. . The Best in the Business!. Our instructors are hand-picked with great social skills and relate easily to young people. They'll give you plenty of encouragement and keep parents informed on progress.. . Parking Lessons. Students are usually most afraid of parking due to the close proximity of other cars. Well, we have dual controls in Automatic and Manual cars. Also, instructors teach 'set starting positions for each parking exercise.'. . We cover forward parking, reverse parallel parking and reversing between cars at shopping centers. It works, it's simple and you become the expert!

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Driving lessons and packages to suit all drivers.

Offering Driving Lessons in;

ScarboroughSouth-perthWestern-AustraliaWest-PerthSubiacoFloreat Suburbs surrounding West Perth.

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