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Telephone : 0891069130

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Driving Lesson Price : $45.00

My Car : Hyundai i20

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rying to choose the right driving instructor from an advertisement or website can be challenging. To make the choice easier we are proud to offer you our Money Back Guarantee.. . If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you your money back on the spot, no questions asked.. This means you are free to experience the lesson quality, to meet your instructor and ask questions before making up your mind.. . Why drive with us?. - Our male and female driving instructors make learning to drive fun. - We have automatic and manual cars available. - Our instructor speak clear English. - We have student discount packages. - Book a free lesson with us. . Our instructors come from different trade and professional backgrounds before becoming driving instructors. They are hand-picked personalities with great social skills and easily relate to a wide audience of people. Instructors mix easily with young people and there's no awkward silent times in the car. Conversations are bright, informative and boost self-esteem. Instructors give direct feed-back to students, plenty of encouragement and keep parents informed of progress as required.. . If a learner driver doesn't know who goes first, when and where to turn and whether pedestrians have right of way at intersections and so on, how can they confidently drive a car. During lessons we make road traffic laws clear and simple for students to understand.. . North Perth driving instructors live locally in the suburbs where the Licensing Centres are and they train students on the test routes at the following Licensing Branches:- Joondalup Licensing Branch, City West Licensing Branch, Morley Licensing Branch, Midland Licensing Branch, Welshpool Licensing Branch, Kelmscott Licensing Branch and Willagee Licensing Branch.

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PerthWestern-AustraliaNorth-perthEast-perthMount-hawthornLeederville We cover areas North of the Swan River in Perth.

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