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Driving Lesson Price : $60.00

My Car : I30 Hyundai Auto & Manual

About Streetwise Driver Training

At Streetwise Driver Training, we believe that. . €“ safety always comes first. €“ driving on our roads is a privilege, not a right . €“ learning should be fun!. . . . No matter what your level of experience, Streetwise Driver Training will tailor a quality and unique driving program to suit your needs; whether it be no driving experience at all, nearing the end of your logbook, upgrading from automatic to manual, or international students €“ we CAN help you!. . At Streetwise we pride ourselves on our high standard of driving tuition that ensures both your best chance of passing the test and an exciting future of safe driving.. . . . . . Keys 2 Drive . . We have proven methods and techniques for all technical manoeuvres to guarantee accuracy every time! We provide driving lessons across the whole Gold Coast. Parents or supervisors are welcome to attend any lessons.. . We believe that learning to drive is a collective experience between your trainer, yourself and your parents or supervisors. We understand the importance in communication between all parties to ensure your efficient and progressive learning. . . Learning to drive is not just about passing a test more so it is to ensure the development of safe and courteous drivers on our busy roads, with a thorough respect for the vehicle you are operating.. . . . . At Streetwise we offer you. . dual-controlled MANUAL and AUTOMATIC on road training €“ we pick up/drop off at home, . school or work. fully qualified and accredited driving instructors. fully comprehensive insurance on all cars. 24 hour hotline for road safety questions, . support and advice. mock test assessments to prepare you for your test. P Plate Driver Assessment bookings €“ we look after the whole process for you. car maintenance lessons. also specialising in night driving and wet weather driving lessons. fully air-conditioned vehicles

Driving Lessons and Extras

How to €˜Enjoy driving, save money and stay alive!€™ €“ Streetwise Driver Training presents our.... . €˜Pre-emptive (Defensive) Driver Training€™ day. . Join our professional, knowledgeable instructors for a day of fun, . . . Our Streetwise instructors are qualified to the highest levels. We are parents ourselves and truly understand that the safety of your learner is paramount. We ensure our knowledge of road traffic law is always up to date in order to provide you with the most current and accurate information. We are passionate about road safety, and we have tried and tested methods for teaching the most technical of manoeuvres to guarantee precision every time! Streetwise Driver Training are also pleased to offer you a female instructor..

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