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Telephone : 0296359567

Website : www.onroad.com.au

Driving Lesson Price : $55.00

My Car : Toyota

About Onroad Driving School

Welcome to Onroad Driving School, Sydneys No. 1 Award Winning driving school. At Onroad, we are committed to practising and teaching safe driving. We have comprehensive theoretical and practical driving lessons, carried out by able, RTA accredited driving instructors. Together we strive to make you competent drivers of the future.. . Following are the features of our Driving School that makes us the preferred choice of many. . -Nine years of proven experience and impressive track record.. - Affordable, value for money packages.. - 20 point analysis : A unique analysis report, that gives us an understanding of the areas of improvement that we need to focus on for each student.. - First Go Guarantee: We guarantee that right at the First Go, you will succeed in obtaining your drivers licence; failing which we promise you a free lesson.. - Reliable and Competent staff: You will be trained and taken care of by reliable, professional and a dedicated team. Learning will be a pleasure for you, and an unforgettable experience.. . Our mission is to reach as many corners as possible and impart quality driving to aspiring students, be it in Parramatta, Westmead, Strathfield, Blacktown, Ryde or anywhere else in Sydney. Our mission is to create a safe and competent driving community.. . We would be glad to hear from you and have you as our student; all set to become one of the best and trusted drivers around.

Driving Lessons and Extras

Onroad Driving School strives to have its students pass their test on their first attempt. If you do not pass First Go, we will offer you a free driving lesson before you take your second attempt.. . You have to take your free lesson within 30 days of your first attempt. Please approve your First Go Guarantee from your instructor before you take your test. Our First Go Guarantee applies for two test attempts in total..

Offering Driving Lessons in;

PenrithBlacktownParramattaAustralian-Capital-TerritoryRydeGreystanes All Sydney Metros. Auto and Manual. Parramatta, Sydney, Ryde, Strathfield, Blacktown, Epping, Strathfield, Penrith

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