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Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in Perth

Are you looking for driver training, drivers education, defensive driving courses or the best Driving Schools in Perth? Choose one of the Driving Schools to find out more information and find out how they can help you get your drivers license.

Safe2pass Driving School Pty Ltd

Car: 2010 Honda Jazz & 2014 Holden Cruz

About: We have very experienced and patient instructors & we will teach you the required to skills to be a safe and confident driver. You will be given a near new air-conditioned vehicle to drive, so this will make your learning experience easy and comfortable.

Areas: 6100, 6152, 6000, 6153, 6162, 6150, 6156, 6051, 6050, 6163,

Safe2pass Driving School Pty Ltd Profile Phone: Office:130060737 | www.safe2pass.com.au

Mindaire Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: Need your licence? Live North of the River? Look no further than Mindarie Driving School. We service Yanchep down to Sorrento, across to Banksia Grove and down to Hocking.. . We may not be the oldest driving school in town, but this is a good thing! We have driving instructors who enjoy their job and are upbeat and enthusiastic about getting you your licence.. . Have Fun Learning to Drive. Our instructors are friendly and their driving lessons are fun. Learning to drive is a momentous occasion and one that you should enjoy. Don't be put off by other driving instructors because ours are different. We only select the best instructors to join our team, the ones who make you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. . . Money Back Promise. We are so confident in our instructors and their lessons that we will even give you your money straight back if you don't like your very first driving lesson.. . Our Money-Back Promise. If you decide you didn't like your very first driving lesson for whatever reason, your instructor will immediately give you your money back!. . Your First Lesson. During your first driving lesson your instructor will assess your current skill level and then tailor future lessons so you can get the most value for your money.. . Our Cars. At Mindarie Driving School we have modern cars for you to learn in. All cars have dual controls and you can learn to drive a manual or an automatic.. . Free Lesson (Keys2drive). All our instructors are accredited by the government through the Keys2Drive program so you can have your free lesson with us.. . Test Specialists. We specialise in getting learner drivers through their test the very first time. Every-one wants to boast a little and it's part of why you are paying us.

Best West Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20 and others

About: Best West Driving School offer top quality driving lessons. Many consider us to be Perth's best driving school.. Ring us and we'll come and give you the best driving lessons you can get. We'll teach you to drive like a quality second year 'P' plater while you're still on your 'L's. We've got brilliant driving instructors who do that.. . Money back promise. If you are not completely satisfied with your first driving lesson, we will give you your money back, on the spot, no questions asked.. . Patient and Honest Driving Instructors. Our driving instructors will be honest about the number of driving lessons you require. They will not keep silent about poor driving habits and they will not put concerns about losing your business & money ahead of proper driving training. They will tell you what you need to hear. The support, confidence and skills you receive make it possible to pass your driving test first go.

Apex Driving School Perth

Car: Various

About: Apex Driving School Perth has the very Best Instructors in Perth.Males and Females both Automatic and Manual from Joondalup to Mandurah.

Best West Driving School

Car: Call to choose

About: BestWest Driving School - Perth Wide We are the driving school for you, with great instructors that cover every suburb in Perth. We provide a safe and happy learning environment for you to grow to be a really, really good driver. Call Best West Driving School to get results. (08) 6262 6111

North Perth Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: rying to choose the right driving instructor from an advertisement or website can be challenging. To make the choice easier we are proud to offer you our Money Back Guarantee.. . If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you your money back on the spot, no questions asked.. This means you are free to experience the lesson quality, to meet your instructor and ask questions before making up your mind.. . Why drive with us?. - Our male and female driving instructors make learning to drive fun. - We have automatic and manual cars available. - Our instructor speak clear English. - We have student discount packages. - Book a free lesson with us. . Our instructors come from different trade and professional backgrounds before becoming driving instructors. They are hand-picked personalities with great social skills and easily relate to a wide audience of people. Instructors mix easily with young people and there's no awkward silent times in the car. Conversations are bright, informative and boost self-esteem. Instructors give direct feed-back to students, plenty of encouragement and keep parents informed of progress as required.. . If a learner driver doesn't know who goes first, when and where to turn and whether pedestrians have right of way at intersections and so on, how can they confidently drive a car. During lessons we make road traffic laws clear and simple for students to understand.. . North Perth driving instructors live locally in the suburbs where the Licensing Centres are and they train students on the test routes at the following Licensing Branches:- Joondalup Licensing Branch, City West Licensing Branch, Morley Licensing Branch, Midland Licensing Branch, Welshpool Licensing Branch, Kelmscott Licensing Branch and Willagee Licensing Branch.

Ajax Driving School Perth

Car: Hyundai

About: Student Driving lessons. We understand that many prospective students would like to learn but don’t necessarily have the cash available to spend on multiple lessons, adding up to a hefty cost. As a result we offer special rates that allow all students to find a training package that works for their needs and time commitments.

Gem Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20 and others

About: PATIENT, NON-RUSHED 1-ON-1 DRIVING LESSONS IN PERTH WA. . With lessons from $45 and a variety of packages available, Gem Driving School has something for every learner.. Our vibrant driving school is full of keen, patient and highly qualified driving instructors. Our driving lessons are best described as fun training sessions that boost confidence and road skills in a relatively short time.. . Gem Driving School promises to patiently teach you to be a great driver. It's a promise we keep. If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you your money back, on the spot, no questions asked.

Sue's Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: We avoid wasting time and money. We understand that each student has unique driver training needs and that is why we will tailor our lessons specifically for you.. . Why Choose Sue's Driving School?. - Automatic and manual dual controlled cars, you choose. - Money back guarantee . - Patient male & female driving instructors . - We provide driving lessons all over Perth. - Sue's driving school instructors in Perth offer an exceptional range of courses and packages at affordable prices.. . Driving Tests Perth. Suesdrivingschool.com.au is your one stop shop for all your learner driver needs. See our driving lesson prices page by following the link below or even book your driving test at any Perth Licensing Centre. Once booked, be sure to call us so we can have a dual controlled car ready for you so you can pass your driving test first time. As your driving test draws nearer your driving instructor will teach you the driving test routes. Don't let yourself be caught out by something minor by not practicing the routes.. . Driving Instructors. Each of Sue's Driving School driving instructors is patient, caring and dedicated to getting you the best result. Sue's Driving School instructors all have police clearances as well as working with children checks.. . It's Personal. Sue ensures that you receive personal, patient, 'one on one' individual attention. You can't learn if you're stressed. Our friendly team ensures the processes are always easy, safe and fun.

Perth Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: We train learner drivers to pass their practical driving assessment at all Licensing Centres in Perth. Call us on (08) 9468 2020 to book a lesson.. . Perth Driving School covers every suburb in Perth. We have patient, friendly male & female driving Instructors who love teaching students how to drive.. You can choose to learn in an automatic or manual car and we will come right to your door to pick you up and drop you off. Our lessons are best described as fun training sessions that boost confidence and road skills in a relatively short time.. . Driving Instructors. Our driving instructors will be honest about the number of driving lessons you require. They will not keep silent about poor driving habits and they will not put concerns about losing your business & money ahead of proper driver training. They will tell you what you need to hear. The support, confidence and skills you receive make it possible to pass your driving test first go.. . Defensive Driving Lessons. All learner driving lessons are defensive driving lessons. Instructors are firm, patient, punctual and encouraging. Lessons are not rigid but progressive and flexible to suit every student. Our car parking techniques remove the drama and make parking very simple.


Car: 2013 i30 /Getz

About: Licensed2drive is a family owned business striving to train drivers in the art of competent safe driving.. Our tutors have many years of teaching behind them so as to ensure you get the best possible training during your lessons that will give you the skills to be a safe driver.

All Zones Driving School

Car: Ford fiesta

About: All zones driving school is a newly founded company however our instructors have been in the industry for many years and are industry professionals. Our company philosophy is instructors of safe driving, you can be guaranteed a service that is head and shoulders above any of our competitors.

Drivers Edge Driving School

Car: 2010 Suzuki Swift & 2011 Lancer

About: Drivers Edge has a history of delivering quality manual driving tuition. More than 90% of our students comes from referrals, so we know how to look after you. We offer 1 hour lessons and have a package to suit all learner drivers. Our instructors have the perfect balance of being young, fun, experienced, knowledgable and motivating!

Sunflower Driving School

Car: VW Beetle

About: Sunflower Driving School (SDS) offers a range of vehicles for you to drive. VW / Jaguar / Landcruiser. SDS all provides a Driver Training Manual, which assists students in the learning process. Each lesson is assessed using the DoT assessment criteria.

Joondalup's No.1 Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: We are Joondalup's number one driving school and we want you to receive the best possible driving lessons around. www.joondalupdrivingschool.com.au. . We find the best instructors and offer you the best deals, we will have you driving like a pro in no time.. . Here is what we offer:. - Manual and automatic cars. - Immediate start. - Money back guarantee. - Available 7 days a week. - Male and female Instructors. - Every suburb North of the river. - Top test pass rate. . All learner drivers receive 1 free lesson!. We'll give you a 1 hour, absolutely free driving lesson under the government Keys2Drive programme. Just call 9520 0171 to book.

*wizard Driving School

Car: Kia Rio ( Top off the range )

About: Our driving instructors are dedicated and passionate about teaching skills to help you get the best driving lessons, improve your driving skills and that confidence in driving required to get your driving license. . . . At WIZARD Driving school . we understand that each student has different needs and we tailor each driving lessons & training session to suit you, at low, competitive prices. . . . Our slow and clear English-speaking teachers are also fully trained and experienced in teaching students who speak English as a second language. . . . *Our Promise to you . . . We’ll be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the whole process so by the end, you’ll be less nervous, more confident and well prepared for all road conditions. . . . Our driving instructors put a lot of efforts into making every minute of the lesson 100% effective. . . . We do have a good knowledge of most test tracks that you are tested on for your PDA test and we can help you prepare for it. . . . Our Driving school mock test is designed to give an accurate assessment of your test readiness. Our test is difficult so if you pass it, you’re more prepared for the assessment. . .

Aus Driving School

Car: Toyota Corolla

About: For the Best of Perth Driving Lessons, Come Learn at AUS Driving School Perth and you will be glad you did!. AUS Driving School Perth provides the best of driving instructors in Perth, and these are available to teach you both manual and auto driving lessons.. We professionally offer folks of all ages, gender and levels excellent driving lessons in Perth area, and we are proud to have trained several of the qualified drivers in the state who are driving privately or commercially.. All our Perth driving instructors are well-qualified and are truly patient and accommodating. We provide our training in a well-organized manner, and done with most advanced, dual controlled and automatic & manual vehicles. . You can Book your Quality and Affordable Driving lessons with AUS Driving School Perth now and learn to drive the right way!.

Pass Driving Auto School

Car: Hyundai Getz

About: To us, safety and customer service are the two most important things. There is no substitute for a great customer service. We are always mindful of our clients time and needs. We have late model vehicles with dual-controls in excellent mechanical condition and best instructors with excellent communication skills. Our cars are inspected by Department of Transport on 12 monthly bases. Renewal of our vehicles registration is conditional upon satisfactory inspection report produced by the Department of Transport.

The Driving Gurus

Car: Hyundai i30 and others

About: The Driving Gurus Driving School – It’s time to get picky! Don’t settle for an OK Perth driving school instructor when there is a Driving Guru just around the corner. Our Perth driving school instructors, or Driving Gurus as we like to call them, are experts at creating great drivers. We don’t just teach you how to pass your practical driving test, we teach you how to be a brilliant driver for the rest of your life.. . Our Gurus are honest, insightful and great teachers, that’s why they’re called Gurus! They will tell you what you need to know, what you should do, and more importantly, what you shouldn’t do. They will support you and give you the confidence and skills to be a great driver.. . Why go with anyone else when you can go with the experts… come drive with us!

No Yelling Driving School

Car: Suzuki Swift

About: No Yelling is a Perth driving school created by young people for young people

Sumit Driving School

Car: Toyota Yaris,hyundai getz

About: Sumit Driving Academy offers the best instructors in Perth, who have excelled in providing the best instructions any students can get to pass the driver's license test, the first time. Sumit Driving Academy provides you with both auto and manual vehicle, specially designed to teach you the do's and don'ts of traffic rules. We not only help you get your license the first time you give your driver's license test, but equip you with the necessary skills of defensive driving and drive everyday without any hassles. By the end of the course, we guarantee you that you will be confident to drive on any busy road with ease. We speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi, to suit your language needs. We speak English and Hindi to suit your language needs..