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Are you looking for driver training, drivers education, defensive driving courses or the best Driving Schools in North-perth? Choose one of the Driving Schools to find out more information and find out how they can help you get your drivers license.

True Blue Driving Schoolperth


About: TRUE BLUE Driving school-Perth is known for its highest standard in teaching proven techniques that actually work! We are one of the most popular driving schools in WA and Perth, having a great pass rate .. . . . Our driving instructors are dedicated and passionate about teaching skills to help you get the best driving lessons, improve your driving skills and that confidence in driving required to get your driving license.. . At TURE BLUE driving school perth we understand that each student has different needs and we tailor each driving lessons & training session to suit you, at low, competitive prices.. . . . Our slow and clear English-speaking teachers are also fully trained and experienced in teaching students who speak English as a second language.. . Our Promise. . . . We’ll be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the whole process so by the end, you’ll be less nervous, more confident and well prepared for all road conditions.. . . . Our driving instructors put a lot of efforts into making every minute of the lesson 100% effective.. . . . We do have a good knowledge of most test tracks that you are tested on for your PDA test and we can help you prepare for it. . . Our Driving school mock test is designed to give an accurate assessment of your test readiness. Our test is difficult so if you pass it, you’re more prepared for the assessment.. . . . We are so confident that you will have the skills and knowledge to pass the driving test that, in case you learn and book for your PDA using our car, and for any reason you don't pass the test, your next test booking of our car is on us. ( Conditions apply ).

Areas: 6030

True Blue Driving Schoolperth Profile Phone: 0401208896 | www.wizarddrivingschool.wix.com/drivingschoolperth

The Driving Gurus

Car: Hyundai i30 and others

About: The Driving Gurus Driving School – It’s time to get picky! Don’t settle for an OK Perth driving school instructor when there is a Driving Guru just around the corner. Our Perth driving school instructors, or Driving Gurus as we like to call them, are experts at creating great drivers. We don’t just teach you how to pass your practical driving test, we teach you how to be a brilliant driver for the rest of your life.. . Our Gurus are honest, insightful and great teachers, that’s why they’re called Gurus! They will tell you what you need to know, what you should do, and more importantly, what you shouldn’t do. They will support you and give you the confidence and skills to be a great driver.. . Why go with anyone else when you can go with the experts… come drive with us!

North Perth Driving School

Car: Hyundai i20

About: rying to choose the right driving instructor from an advertisement or website can be challenging. To make the choice easier we are proud to offer you our Money Back Guarantee.. . If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will give you your money back on the spot, no questions asked.. This means you are free to experience the lesson quality, to meet your instructor and ask questions before making up your mind.. . Why drive with us?. - Our male and female driving instructors make learning to drive fun. - We have automatic and manual cars available. - Our instructor speak clear English. - We have student discount packages. - Book a free lesson with us. . Our instructors come from different trade and professional backgrounds before becoming driving instructors. They are hand-picked personalities with great social skills and easily relate to a wide audience of people. Instructors mix easily with young people and there's no awkward silent times in the car. Conversations are bright, informative and boost self-esteem. Instructors give direct feed-back to students, plenty of encouragement and keep parents informed of progress as required.. . If a learner driver doesn't know who goes first, when and where to turn and whether pedestrians have right of way at intersections and so on, how can they confidently drive a car. During lessons we make road traffic laws clear and simple for students to understand.. . North Perth driving instructors live locally in the suburbs where the Licensing Centres are and they train students on the test routes at the following Licensing Branches:- Joondalup Licensing Branch, City West Licensing Branch, Morley Licensing Branch, Midland Licensing Branch, Welshpool Licensing Branch, Kelmscott Licensing Branch and Willagee Licensing Branch.