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How to Advertise for Australian Driving Schools

Step 1) Register

A listing lets you display your Driving Schools information in the areas you cover - Click Driving Schools Registration to register.

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Customer Testimonials

Pass With Mark - "I called the pupil straight away and they have booked 5 lessons. Thank you
LiveDrive School of Motoring - "I like the concept behind GoInstuctor!
Chelmer Driving School - "GoInstructor is a fantastic instructor directory service. It was really quick and easy to register and submit my driving school and all was approved and live online within minutes.

Targeted Traffic

www.australian-driving-schools-directory.com has thousands of targeted website views with many of our visits coming direct from search engines for related queries like "best Driving Schools" or "Sydney Driving Schools". This means people visiting the site are highly targeted and looking for information about Driving Schools.

One of the benefits of a niche Australian Driving Schools directory like GoInstructor is that we can optimise our site specifically for related keywords and key phrases to target relevant and ready-to-buy visitors!

Featured Listing

Featured area listings are eye catching and appear at the top of the search tables before any standard listings. The search tables are high traffic areas of the site and receive many search engine and social media hits every day. Most (if not every) of the search table pages is indexed by Google so being displayed in the top region for EVERY AREA you cover has huge potential to boost internet presence and offer competitive advantage. For just $19.99 for 12months just one booking will easily cover the cost of advertising!

TOP TIP: If you buy a featured listing you will be featured in ALL THE AREAS YOU COVER!

For example of search tables (~opens in new window): Sydney search table

Profile Page

When you register you will get a personal profile page. This feature is ideal for anyone without a website or great for increasing your existing internet presence. The profile allows Driving Schools to promote their business online without any hassle, hosting fees or coding knowledge. Plus you can provide your website address and give important contact information to prospective customers. You can log in to check stats about profile / website views and change your details at any time at the click of a button!

Did you know PRO members receive over 780% more website refferals compared to standard members?

PRO LISTING: $19.99 for 12 Months via PayPal